Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Start of Something

I am sitting here at 8:36 on my 30th birthday adjusting the blogger background for my new blog titled Destination 365. It still needs work, but I am off and running.  I am so excited!

Turning 30 is kind of a big deal to me.  Honestly I was a little stressed about it.  Really, who wants to leave their 20's behind?  When I was in my 20's I could wear whatever I wanted and not look "too old".  Granted I never really wore anything that I cannot continue to wear until I am 40 - if I wanted to.  I don't.  Anyway, basically in your 20's you can get away with things because you are young.  Life's mistakes can be overlooked.  Well, when you turn 30 I really feel like it is time to have it together. Luckily, I mostly do have it together.   I am married to Adam - he loves me with all of his heart...I have a beautiful, happy and healthy little boy, I have a nice house - a new car and pretty much all of the "stuff" I am supposed to have. So really what is the problem about turning 30?  Nothing...not anymore....I am totally happy.

Not to say that all of my life's goals are achieved.  I want to travel more.  I want to be debt free.  I want a job I feel satisfied with and one that challenges my creativity.  I will get there when I get there.  I now know it is more important to live in the moment.  To cherish the days and the little things.  Most of us say this and I am not sure how many of us live it, but I am going to try.

Hence the reason for my Destination 365 blog.  I have decided to document each and every day of my 30th year through pictures.  Over the past year I have learned to LOVE taking pictures.  I have a super awesome camera that I am learning my way around - I still have lots to please be patient with my photos!

So what happened today on my 30th birthday?  Well, I was awake at 5:11...yep 5:11 by a super cute little man who was full of smiles.  Tristan likes to do this...he wakes up incredibly early and is all happy and full of smiles. In the meantime, I am changing his diaper and getting a bottle together half asleep and barely functioning.  Typically, right after his diaper is changed and his bottle is gone, he goes back to sleep.  Now I am awake with no chance of going back to sleep.  Anyway, the rest of my day was great and I am honestly happy that I was awake early to enjoy it.

I took the day off of work and spent it with my two boys.  We went to Caribou for mochas, drove to my favorite park to drink them and baked a birthday cake together.  We also went to Twin Ports Cyclery and I bought a new bike!

Here it is with my little bike trailer attached and baby Tristan along for the ride.

I also received amazing presents from Adam.  He bought me a new camera bag and .................. a new camera lens.  A Sigma 20mm 1.8 lens.......I am beyond thrilled with it!!

This first shot is a photo I took with a lens I already have.  A canon 50mm 1.4 lens.  This is also a great lens that I love to use.

The next photo is the exact same.  I was sitting in the same position on my floor and the settings of my camera were exactly the same, but I used my new lens.  I get that the pictures are kind of boring, but you can see that it opens up so many more opportunities.  Crazy difference!!  Now I just need practice!!

A couple of more shots:

I received so many phone calls and facebook posts today and text messages from friends and family.  I really do feel happy and loved!  Thank you!!

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