Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Minnesota Wildlife Refuge

We were still in Bloomington on Wednesday morning and we were not really sure what to do with ourselves.  We stopped at Ikea, but left quickly - not the place for Tristan.  So, we stopped at Caribou and picked up a couple of mochas.  While we were there we realized we were right near the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  This is pretty much a little wildlife oasis right in the middle of an urban development.  We hiked here once before a long time ago, so it was fun to revisit the trails and think back on a few memories.

First, I have a couple of grass shots.  I love taking pictures of grass...I am not really sure why, other than when I view the image, looking at the intricacies of each individual piece is so inspiring for me.  There are so many textures in each shot....I just find the photos so interesting.

Here is Tristan in his new backpack for the very first time.  Adam and I both agree this was one of our best "Tristan" purchases.

A couple of landscape photos - again I like the detail on these...

....and just in case you forgot we were really in the middle of a large city, here is a jet flying overhead.

One last photo that Adam snapped before we left for home. Yes, Tristan is missing his pants...


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