Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Picture Perfect Christmas...Probably Not

I setup my Christmas tree early this year so I would have plenty of time to take lots of pictures with Tristan around the tree.  I bought him Christmas pajamas and a little rocking chair - I had a mind full of visions which included beautiful, holiday photos.  Things do not always work the way you plan.

Tristan had the bottom half of the tree completely undecorated the same day I put it up and the ornaments were packed away the next day because I was tired of picking them up.  The garland was even unwound from the tree as high as he could reach.

I did get a couple of photos of him in front of the tree but these were practice shots as I was getting ready for another photo session and wanted to make sure my settings were correct.  Of course he was wearing an obnoxiously colored orange shirt, so I decided to turn them to black and white.

My partially undecorated tree.

Sometimes or most of the time he is on-the-go and photos often get blurry.


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