Saturday, February 16, 2013

For the Love of Family

My mom was so nice to stay a few extra days after Morgan was born.  It helped so much just to have her around.  I was not quite so much of a basket case this way.  She also finished the baby blankets, brought a bunch of freezer meals, a bag of clothes for Morgan -- I am so sure I am forgetting so many other things.  

So thank you, thank you mom. Adam and I both mean that.  We are so grateful. And thank you dad for letting her stay so long ( I know you probably missed her like crazy at home), for driving to Duluth in the middle of the night, wrestling around with Tristan, helping with the cooking and also so many other things.

We love you!!

Andy, Kelly and Lexie came to visit the Saturday after Morgan was born.  They also brought and made food and came with lots of cute clothes for Morgan. I can hardly wait until they fit her.

Snuggling with Auntie Kelly.  I did not get a picture with uncle Andy. :(  Next time for sure!! 

My little Tristan being silly in one of my hats.

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  1. Love you too. Don't forget any time you need something, I'd love to help.