Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our First Adventure -- With the Four of Us

Adam and I decided it was time to get out of the house --- we had been inside doing the same thing for days; however there are limited options with two babies in tow.  We decided to go for an evening drive...our first since Morgan was born. We drove south on Hwy 23 and then ventured out on a few gravel roads.  Thank goodness for Google maps or we most certainly would have been very lost.

While driving I was thinking back many years and about how our relationship has developed throughout time.  In the past we would get so mad at each other whenever we would lose our way.  Most of the time Adam was driving and I would be reading the map.  I am not the best map reader.  Now, when we are lost it turns into an adventure and neither of us get frustrated. We just laugh and work our way through it.  I am not really sure what changed, but it is better and for that I am happy. It reminds me of the Brad Paisley song, Little Moments and the line "lost but holding hands".  ♥♥♥

Tristan enjoyed the car ride and was happy to have his baby sister riding along with him.

Morgan looks kind of grumpy in this photo, but once we were going she never made a peep.

I also tried out a few settings on my camera while we were driving.  This shot was taken out of the car window.  I also played with a few new editing tricks I have learned in Photoshop.




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